Perennials are plants and flowers which come back year after year and are typically found in nearly everyone's yard.

Get expert care tips on planting, growing and dividing perennials and advice on the best perennial landscaping.

Perennials by Color

Red Flowering Perennials
White Flowering Perennials
Yellow Flowering Perennials
Blue Flowering Perennials
Multicolor Flowers
Orange Flowering Perennials
Pink Flowering Perennials
Purple Flowering Perennials

Perennials by Light Requirement
Full Shade | Partial Sun | Full sun perennials
Bloom Season
Spring | Summer | Fall |  Winter

Perennials by Spread
0-12 inches |  13-24 inches |  25-35 inches |  36+ inches

Perennials by Height
0-12 inches |  13-24 inches |  3-6 feet

Perennials by Zone
zone 3-4 | zone 5-6 |  zone 7-8 |  zone 9-10

Perennial Flower Beds

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